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Leading Supplier of Multifunction Printers & Photocopiers

PCI is an authorised supplier of a wide selection of multifunction printers and photocopiers by all leading technology hardware brands. We specialise in equiping offices with laser printers, while setting up the supporting digital network infrastructures, to provide imaging and document management solutions for all variety of offices. If you require specific usage models, print management systems or document storage solutions, we can help you create the perfect envinroment. Learn more here.

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Fast, Friendly & Reliable Service - Nationwide

We provide a best-in-class printer repair and service offering, including pre-emptive supply of consumables or toners when you need them or the provision of new machine parts during our standardmaintenance checks on you printers and/or photocopiers. Our outstanding service and professional manner is what sets us apart. For 35 years, PCI Group has exceeded customer expectations in delivering a rapid-reposnse to support calls and toner delivery requests. Learn more about our Service Guarantee here.


Doing business with PCI Group has been an excellent choice for us. They provide outstanding customer service, are always prompt and great to deal with.

They're the best in the business and I'm very happy to recommend them as a top-class service provider.

Tony O'Connor - Group IT Manager Keelings

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Keelings are a long-term customer of PCI Group
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